Unacceptable behavior – American Legion grave markers stolen

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Originally posted by WBAL-TV 11


Less than a week away from Veteran’s Day, someone stole more than two dozen military grave makers from a cemetery in Cecil County.

Police are now trying to find the person responsible.


Investigators said the grave markers were stolen sometime in the past three days. A cemetery caretaker made the discovery Tuesday morning.

The Rosebank Cemetery sits off of Telegraph and North East roads in Calvert.

Saturday afternoon, caretakers put miniature American flags on American Legion grave markers, marking the graves of military service members.

By Tuesday, 30 of the grave markers and the flags were gone.

“When the caretaker went out to just check on the grounds, noticed that the flags were missing, then took a closer look and realized that the grave makers were missing, too,” said Ron Snyder of the Maryland State Police.

Police said all the markers were stolen from the same general area of the cemetery.

They’re about seven to 10 inches tall with the American Legion emblem in the middle.

The cemetery is near a busy intersection, with a lot of traffic, but investigators said they don’t have any leads.

Some residents call the timing of the crime, with Veteran’s Day coming up, disrespectful and unfortunate.

“It’s just not fair. They’re veterans, they’ve done a lot for the country and they deserve respect, and that’s not what they’re getting by having these taken off their gravesites,” resident Betty Gray said.

“How low do you have to go to go and take tombstones like that from your veterans, after they fought and died for our country?” resident Patty Hayhurst said.

“I don’t know why someone would want to desecrate any gravesite, let alone someone who served our country,” Snyder said.

Anyone with information about the thefts is asked to call state police at 410-996-7800 and refer to case number 19-MSP-047045.

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